The Roads longer than the Map

Have you ever looked down a road to see the end

And all you see is this vapor trail?

Life is way too long for us finite vessels to

Really comprehend it’s linear perception, so to speak.

I’ve been wanting to see pay dirt for years but am still walkin.

When Christ has a divine purpose for believers we can’t know

The end from the beginning, so to speak.

So if you’re just starting out, it’s a long and winding road.

If you’ve been climbing for years then it’s a hard pull up.

All the same, we have a long, long way to go for us to hear these words,

“well done my good and faithful servant”!

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Sometimes we go way out of bounds to make it work.

It’s not what others may do but it’s how we justify our actions

I’m not the only one on the court that hates to rim off a 6 footer

And it’s easy to see six inches to the cup and it spins out

Whether it’s for gold or fun we hate to miss

Tanking is missing the mark in life

We all fall short, even if we don’t want to

We just fall short!

God wants us and needs us.

His simple plan requires a simple response on our part

If you hate to tank,

Humility goes a long way in curbing the Tank Syndrome

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Less Chatter

It’s a sad commentary when words get mixed up in the fray

I’ve always gone faster than my letters

Maybe I’m not wanting to feel responsible but I am

In a group, whose the one carrying the circus?

It’s me

I’m the one who swallows fire, juggles and is the resident clown

It all falls on me

So mute has become my new theme word for the day

There’s more in nothing said then to fill the dumpster with trash

If I want to win the world I need to shut up

Those who really care will feel the response not hear it

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Living 168

Is it too much to ask to be responsible to a weeks worth?

Am I afraid of what it will represent?

Can I attempt something glamorous that will last the test of time?

I’m stuck in a vortex of doing that causes me to usher action

If I can’t do it in 168 then I can’t do it

So let the next week fly on the page, so to speak

Kudos are not my main objective but they help

Fans won’t give me what I need

It’s knowing that I’m here to stretch it as far as it goes

Life comes in equal amounts daily

But some may get larger doses but such is life

I say, be glad with what I got and let the chips fall where they may

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If I add it all up then I’m one grateful human

There’s no need to look to someone else to grab a nod

I’m redeeming all my past encore performances

Hoping the next show will bring honor to Him

It’s easy to be an accountant

But much more reflective when you have to count your change

No one can bring it home like Mark

No one else should

I have to live up to the billing I’ve been given

There’s no actor’s guild replacement hanging

So it’s up to me to pick up the gauntlet

And do what I must do

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What is a Christian?

Does it bother you as much as it does me when we have to ask questions to get information?

Can’t there be someone who will serve us Carte blanc so we don’t have to figit when the bill’s flying in our air space?

So, it’s not what is, but what it’s not!

You can’t lie.

You can’t steal.

You can’t blaspheme.

You can’t cheat.

You can’t commit adultery.

You can’t have other gods before God.

You can’t hate people.

You can’t kill, people that is.

So, that’s only a handful of cant’s with a plethora of more on the backside of the small writ contract where we said, yes!

Some only want “fluff” but no dice.

Some want desert but deserve bones.

Being a Christian is Christ like and not some bogus imitation.

We need to remember, there are a lot of ‘fakes’ that profess the truth but

Are shysters in wolfs-clothing from WalMart!

Being the expressed grade A representative, is the image of Christ in our life.

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Maybe We Suck as Christians

So then how shall we live?

That’s what keeps coming to mind when I think Christian.

So then how shall we live?

This is not a life of self preservation and cowering to survive.

So then how shall we live?

Our time here on the planet is not for our purposes only.

So then how shall we live?

It’s tragic to think that we try to dictate the outcome like we’re some litigious attorney.

So then how shall we live?

Time comes and goes as does our efforts at mending a broken world, so to speak.

So then how shall we live?

If you had to do over then what you must do, do quickly!

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