No Drones, No Nukes, No Wars

I know its 2012 and we have the tech to camp on Mars.

And I know there’s an election for the President coming front center.

And I know  our World we reside in is in turmoil.

Yes, it would be easy to exist in our bubble of blankets but

That’s only for those who rank and file in the four year old category.

The World sucks right now when it comes to peace!

We suck as a people when it comes to peace!

We just suck!

So with that said,

What ya gunna do with your life?

Mark, what you gunna do with your pathetic life?

It’s a straight up question that deserves a response of some sort, don’t ya think?

Why bomb those who don’t give a damn?

Why take out those who only want a taco?

Why to all the whys?

I hope you feel a little like me, that there’s a need to stop with flexing our muscles,

Like we’re on Muscle Beach in Venice,

And start praying, fasting and meditating in private!

That would end the war that’s in each of us,

As they say, the war begins at home!

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