Deal with what You can and Leave the Rest to NASA

Sounds and looks like some mantra in Tony Robbins back cutting board room.

There’s more to the drift then just dealing with it.

We have to ask, deal with what?

Conan O’Brien in his commencement address to Dartmouth College in 2011,

Was point on when he told the whole class, “to deal with it”!


We can get overwhelmed when the mass supercede’s the small chump change.

In our daily faith, we want the world but can’t get past our nose.

There’s a lot out there but why in the hell do we get lost in the dark hole of life?

I want every one who wants all there is in Christ to seize the op to be on top.

And I don’t mean the top of the food chain.

Being the best is serving the most.

Being the greatest is loving the least.

Being Christ is laying your life down for the haughty.


That’s Christianity 101.

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