What is a Christian?

Does it bother you as much as it does me when we have to ask questions to get information?

Can’t there be someone who will serve us Carte blanc so we don’t have to figit when the bill’s flying in our air space?

So, it’s not what is, but what it’s not!

You can’t lie.

You can’t steal.

You can’t blaspheme.

You can’t cheat.

You can’t commit adultery.

You can’t have other gods before God.

You can’t hate people.

You can’t kill, people that is.

So, that’s only a handful of cant’s with a plethora of more on the backside of the small writ contract where we said, yes!

Some only want “fluff” but no dice.

Some want desert but deserve bones.

Being a Christian is Christ like and not some bogus imitation.

We need to remember, there are a lot of ‘fakes’ that profess the truth but

Are shysters in wolfs-clothing from WalMart!

Being the expressed grade A representative, is the image of Christ in our life.

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