The Polar Opposite is not Green Cement

Most of my life I’ve been trying to dispel the very essence of bogus Christianese in the church.
The community of believers seem to get so hoodwinked into some snake charming right winged evangelical ramble that it’s a shame to the total when the cause and affect overshadow the heart of the matter.

We all have to master what’s thrown on our plate.
The cost is always greater while the eating is tainted.
Why not look before you cross?
Why not test the waters before you swim against the current?
And why not try, for once in your life, to see simple-stealth-Christianity goes a long way!

We may think the grass is greener on the other side but I say it’s only green cement and
What we thought was truth is just a figment of our self-induced-pathetic-reinvention of the same o same o!

I want new and improved.
I want a new collar not the same old dog.
We deserve to taste the new wine and not some regurgitated hermetically sealed fake!
Be Christ and not some clown!
The world is still waiting for the real deal to appear!
So don’t disappoint them when they cry out for an encore for the original.

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