The Cat Litter Smells Fishy

I’ve been a Christian for at least 4 decades and have watched fads come and go.
There are still some farfetched ideas that remain hanging when they should of been tossed.
So it’s easy to sit and critique but that’s good marketing, if you know what I mean?

So over the past forty years I can tell you one of the ideas that wreaks with over exposure.
It’s the fish sign!
When I got saved, it was making its grand entrance but that was 40 years ago.
Times have changed and current trends have migrated like some hiatus to higher ground.
There’s nothing like beating a dead horse and hoping it still gets the same results.
And there’s nothing like someone who needs to remain private for fear of their life.
So if you think you’re more inclusive by some sign or sticker, you’re not!

When I see them on some BMW, I cringe!
And that’s not because I’m poor but because the message is inclusive and I have that!

So if you want to infect the world with quality symbols, try prayer or fasting behind closed doors!

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