Christianity is not Insanity

We all want, at sometime in life, to do something that gets attention from the mass.
What we say will be used against us in a court of law or our immediate family.
I can’t say that being held hostage in some cult will do you good.
And I can’t think for a moment that every decision we make will put us on the map.
So if you’ve been raised in or have just entered into Christianity well you’re in for
A huge ride of your life!

It’s not all easy and it’s not all absolute
Don’t try to figure and make some drastic mandates to some obscure premature belief system
It’s simple being Christ like.
It’s easy being a Christian.
It’s not so fun to have to lay down your life like Christ did for the world.
But hey, that’s not the fine print that’s His footprints you have to deal with.

To be or not to be is a rather dumb question when the answer is dangling face front!

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