Be in Become

Becoming is an action word that has future hanging all over it so if your struggling with
entitlement issues, like myself, then it may make for a tough road to hoe, so to speak.
When you’re settled with who you are as a person there’s a potential calm inside and that becomes the ‘Be’.
Self assurance and being secure in Christ helps us to see it’s not found in performance but in who we are.
Many struggle with doing rather than being.
Many never see the difference in position and placement.
God has a lot in store when infinite is in play so finite must take ‘backseat’!

The future is just a day or century away so what’s the hurry?
Why can’t we just be good with not trying so hard and let the chips fly where they will?
Humans and their control issues cause the greatest harm to ‘be’ and ‘becoming’.

I’m not a fan of tight fists that hold everything so gripping.
I’m also not a fan of those who think they appear to be Godly but aren’t.
It’s not in the makeup but in the silent afterglow
It’s not some dress rehearsal but orchestrated on a whim.
God does things with humans that don’t make sense
God takes His time with us at any expense to achieve long range goals.

I like the idea that we as Christians can remain on mute and refrain from the
Spiritual workout sessions that only bleed the world dry of real truth!

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