How to be a Christian and not get Shot

So how does someone remove terror from their life?

Is it as easy as ABC’s?

Remember: not everything we do or come in contact with works out the

Way we want it.

More than not, its the small chump change in life that causes us

Havoc but who’s really counting?

So how do we become a living human image after Christ or called Christian?

How do we know for certain that what we’re doing is right?

The title Christian has a lot of obscure baggage that has to

Be cleared off so the real deal can be shown.

Christian is a title and Christlike is the option that we can chose

To become but it should not be taken lightly.

It’s nice to be in a free country where you can pick and choose and have a plethora

Of options still on the table.

But to be a Christian requires a choice on our part that supersedes most of our casual

Yea or Nah!

Signing a contract in business is good for both parties.

Everyone’s protected and both parties get their just due within the confines of the writ

Being a Christian is giving the affirmative to what God/Christ wants for your life.

That’s the deal and we have to choose to ‘deal with it’!

It’s part of the package and there’s nothing hidden in fine Latin print

I’ll give you over time, some ‘in’s and out’s’ on how to better improve your life.

So for now,

How can you be a Christian and Not get Shot?

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