Deal with what You can and Leave the Rest to NASA

Sounds and looks like some mantra in Tony Robbins back cutting board room.

There’s more to the drift then just dealing with it.

We have to ask, deal with what?

Conan O’Brien in his commencement address to Dartmouth College in 2011,

Was point on when he told the whole class, “to deal with it”!


We can get overwhelmed when the mass supercede’s the small chump change.

In our daily faith, we want the world but can’t get past our nose.

There’s a lot out there but why in the hell do we get lost in the dark hole of life?

I want every one who wants all there is in Christ to seize the op to be on top.

And I don’t mean the top of the food chain.

Being the best is serving the most.

Being the greatest is loving the least.

Being Christ is laying your life down for the haughty.


That’s Christianity 101.

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No Drones, No Nukes, No Wars

I know its 2012 and we have the tech to camp on Mars.

And I know there’s an election for the President coming front center.

And I know  our World we reside in is in turmoil.

Yes, it would be easy to exist in our bubble of blankets but

That’s only for those who rank and file in the four year old category.

The World sucks right now when it comes to peace!

We suck as a people when it comes to peace!

We just suck!

So with that said,

What ya gunna do with your life?

Mark, what you gunna do with your pathetic life?

It’s a straight up question that deserves a response of some sort, don’t ya think?

Why bomb those who don’t give a damn?

Why take out those who only want a taco?

Why to all the whys?

I hope you feel a little like me, that there’s a need to stop with flexing our muscles,

Like we’re on Muscle Beach in Venice,

And start praying, fasting and meditating in private!

That would end the war that’s in each of us,

As they say, the war begins at home!

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How to Be and Remain Somewhat Normal

That sounds like some pipe dream.

The same send off like a multi-level marketing scheme.

Christ like is my goal for those who want to be Christ like.

There is no other plan on my agenda other than molding into His image!

It’s not a political favor of scratch back scratch back.

We’re in this for the long haul hopefully.

It would be a waste of time to think otherwise, if you know what I mean?

How to Be is a simple statement of just being.

Sure, that’s easy for you to say,

When we read history of how millions were martyred for their ichthus!

Simple is my mantra in the Christian faith on everyday breathing.

Why make it more complicated?


Just take your time since you have a little,

And make your own dent in the history of the church!

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Absolutes are not so Absolute

When you’re a Christian you wrestle with a ton of issues.

There never seems to be enough time in a day to cure all those problems.

Where’s your mom when you need your head rubbed?

We can’t leave it to NASA.

We can’t let others do what we need to do.

There’s a lot on our plate but it’s got to be clean.

If our ways are not his ways then we need to adjust.

Times are a changing for those who want Christ as their Lord.

It comes with no guarantee other than Eternal Life, food and a ragged shirt.

Don’t hype up the truth!

It stands on its own feet with no crutches from us.

Let the hard facts remain hard to comprehend.

There’s too much to deal with like: normal everyday same o same o!

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Tunnel of Truth

There’s not a lot to be said when you’re a young punk

And you dig for freedom in a ten by ten by six foot cube.

Those walls are not copy protected.

They are dirt from what we’re made of.

In the movie ‘The Great Escape’, they tunneled under the walls

Of their prison camp to get free.

We’re on the planet that may feel a tad like prison

So we feel the urge to free ourselves.

The truths that are in the Bible are not always face first.

You have to dig deep for the pearls.

Effort is well served.

You’re not saved by works but refreshed.

Work like you have little time left.

Fast track your way to freedom by searching.

And Google may become your closest friend too!


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Visitation Rights

We’re only here for a short spell so

Don’t count your chickens while they’re roosting.

We all have a certain amount of time on Mother Earth that only

God has set up before hand.

Why the mystery?

Why not!

I like the idea that we can’t figure out what in the hell is going on.

It’s nice to see the unknown powers of a infinite loving God.

Since we’re here for a few encore performances,

We best be asking, looking, seeking and wanting more from God.

To be a Christian is to never scratch the surface.

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No Hyped-Up-Spiritual-Diatribe-Ramble

A salesman tends to sale the farm to own the pigs.

That’s not much to say for hook, line and sinker.

We’re all held hostage by something or someone.

It’s not our lifelong goal, it just happens!

I hate those who swallow fire with there trashy words,

And loathe the weird ones who love to boast till dark.

It’s not fun to amp the rhetoric for big eyes.

Being mute or quiet will save the planet from the caustic

word war that charters our air space.

I’m a fan of mute.

I’m a fan of less is better.

I’m also a fan of silence parting the sea!

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